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Roof Moss Removal

We are proud of the personal yet professional roof cleaning and roof moss removal service that we offer to our customers. We undertake roof cleaning work across the Midlands with a focus on a gentle and sustainable approach. We do not pressure clean your roof - we use a gentle, manual approach to preserve the integrity of your roof whilst still achieving an excellent result. 

Moss does not necessarily cause problems for your roof although in many cases, mosses, lichens and algaes can have an impact.  The pitch of a roof  is designed to allow rainwater to drain from the roof quickly - a build up of moss will prevent rainwater from falling from the roof as quickly as it should and the moss itself will soak up water adding a significant weight to the roof tiles.  Water logged moss can freeze which again causes a concern as this can make the roof tiles brittle and prone to cracking.


Moss growth can also cause damage and erosion to the mortar in valleys, ridges and chimneys as well as growing and spreading across the roof, with the potential to infiltrate under the tiles, lifting the tiles and allowing water to penetrate the roof and causing leaks into your home.


Large clumps of moss may also fall from the roof, causing blockages in guttering and downpipes - an additional maintenance concern.


Finally it is becoming common for property surveys to highlight roof moss growth as an issue and householders looking to sell their property are being required to undertake a moss removal process to ensure the marketability of their property.


Whilst the issues associated with moss growth can be significant, the issue caused by cleaning a roof can also be of concern if incorrect methods and inexperienced contractors are used. We offer a completely safe and damage free and importantly long term solution. 

Roof Moss Removal

The majority of moss build up will be removed from your roof by scraping and brushing. This may be carried out by attachment of the necessary tools to a telescopic pole or, alternatively and depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to erect scaffolding and/or utilise roof ladders for access. 


All work is carried out with the utmost care and attention to your roof and ensuring all health and safety guidelines are followed.

Apply Moss Treatment


An application of an environmentally friendly biocide is recommended following roof moss removal as detailed above. This is a treatment designed to remove residual growths by killing algae, lichen and moss over a short period of time and will continue to cleanse the roof for the following months and even years. Natural weathering assists the process.  This treatment may be applied as a stand alone service if algaes and lichens are the main problem rather than large accumulations of moss.



Which areas do you cover?

We generally offer this service within the Midlands however please do get in touch if you reside outside of this area as we may be able to assist! 

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