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Providing an effective solution to blocked and leaking guttering as a reactive solution or a preventative measure

Gutter Clearance


We offer a complete gutter clearance and maintenance service, whether your requirements are reactive, ie in response to a leak or blockage, or simply preventative, to ensure problems don't arise in the future.  


We  carry out a clearance of all guttering and downpipes to restore clear water flow through your system and alleviate or minimise the risk of the problems caused by blocked gutters.  We will also advise should we think other repairs or re-sealing of joints is required.


​Gutter clearing is undertaken using the most appropriate method for the circumstances.  We may use ladder access and undertake the work by hand or alternatively using the  latest vacuum technology, a powerful wet and dry vacuum connected to lightweight alloy poles which allows us to reach up and into the gutters and vacuum all debris out, removing all leaves, weeds, moss and standing water.  This system enables us to carry out work on town houses as well as easily reaching gutters above conservatories or extensions. 


All debris is removed from the customer's premises and disposed of safely.

Our service includes - 

  • Inspection of guttering

  • clearance of all debris and blockages from guttering and downpipes

  • disposal of all debris and waste

  • re-sealing of guttering joints where needed


£75.00 for up to 20 meters of guttering and £2.00 per meter thereafter *

At your option we can install gutter hedgehogs - wire and polypropylene brushes which sit in the guttering to help to minimise future blockages - the brushes prevent leaves and debris from accumulating in the guttering, instead the bristles capture the debris which either blows to the ground in the wind or degrades without settling in the guttering. Rainwater still flows freely through the guttering system.

Gutter Hedgehogs

Various size and colour options ensuring professional installation and a great aesthetic result blending into your roofline system.  Including a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Gutter, Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Dirty guttering systems can have a negative impact on the appearance of your property.  We offer a complete gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning service for both UPVC and painted roofline products. For a very competitive price the appearance of your property can be improved and the lifespan of your guttering system increased.


We use the most appropriate method of cleaning for the situation. ​We firstly spray the gutters, fascias and soffits with a liquid de-greaser which starts to break down dirt, grease and algae.  We then either access the roofline with ladders or use our waterfed pole systems to clean the fascias and soffits and the external face of the guttering and the downpipes. Both methods work well and instantly revive the look of your property.  A complete and thorough clean is provided and the roofline is left in the best possible condition.



Our service includes - 

  • Inspection of guttering

  • clean of all dirt and algaes restoring the appearance of gutters, fascias and soffits

  • re-sealing of guttering joints where needed

  • complimentary window clean 


£75.00 for up to 20 meters of guttering and £2.00 per meter thereafter  *

Is gutter cleaning a "one-off" service?

We undertake this service on a "one-off basis" but do generally advise customers to have this clean undertaken once a year. A regular annual clean will keep dirt and algae at bay and will keep your roofline looking pristine and prolong its life span.

Will you use a pressure washer to clean the gutters?

No, we choose not to use a pressure washing system. Pressure washing can damage your gutters, fascia and soffits and can force water through into your roof space. As our telescopic pole methods produce such excellent results we do not feel there is a need for pressure cleaning.

What areas do you cover?

We cover a wide area, providing our service throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Linconshire, Sheffield, Birmingham and the West Midlands.  We are always expanding the areas we cover so do please get in touch as we may be able to help. 

How do I make an appointment?

Our prices are fixed standard charges* as detailed above based on the length of guttering cleared / cleaned.  Therefore all you need to do is give us a call or complete the form below. We will get straight back to you with a date for undertaking the work. 

Your details were sent successfully!

* Please note that all standard prices quoted above are guaranteed in relation to 2 storey properties with no access issues or difficult to reach areas of guttering. If your property is over 2 storey or has ground floor extensions or a conservatory or access via neighbouring property etc please contact us with full details and we will be able to provide an accurate quotation. In many circumstances the prices will not vary considerably from those detailed on this page.  

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